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REESE COOPER, a brand founded by none other than Reese Cooper, has been on a meteoric rise over the past several years. A brand founded on hard work and quick learning, designer Reese with a self-taught set of skills has vaulted his brand name to a popular talking point in the high fashion and street fashion worlds alike. Their most recent creation, adjusting to the current global events is a DIY series. The series consists of two items, two different crafts to make you feel at an at-home designer.

The first in the series, a DIY Rit Dye powder tee. This set comes with, yes, a tee-shirt, and a Rit Dye powder pack with the color of your choice. The instructions are cleverly printed on the back for an idiot-proof process, making this an easy yet sleek piece.

The second piece its own beast, a DIY chore coat in a variety of different fabrics (I used grey corduroy). This kit comes with about 2 yards of fabric, several measuring tools, pattern cut-outs (paper), and patches for added decoration. This chore coat requires much more work such as cutting out individual cloth pieces and sewing the jacket together and applying the hardware. This is an arduous process for at-home completion but a rewarding one nonetheless adding a great piece to any closet. At this rate, Reese Cooper is slated to become a staple in the wardrobe of a wide range of styles. Look for my next article on the new Spring/Summer collection “River Runs Through” by REESE COOPER.

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