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LSU Tigers 2020 National Championship Hype Video Is Exactly What You're Lazy Ass Needs Right Now!

Admit it! You woke this morning and thought it was Wednesday. Okay, well I did. If you were someone like me and thought it was the wrong day or said to yourself that going to get your Postmates was considered "exercise", I have THE solution to actually get you motivated. Watch this 2:30 hype video that will leave you no option but to run through a wall because its simply what must be done. I didn't know that LSU was know for their film program, but whichever student made this hype video deserves an award and a full time job.

Just think about this for a seccond though. Joe Burrow a scrawny white kid from Ohio became a bullet proof stud and prince of Louisiana faster than you can say "Geaux Tigers". My favorite bit of the this hype video? 1:18. Joe Burrow slickly daps up his WR which then leads to the climax drop of the video. Lets just say this Joe Burrow is definitely invited to the cook outs...

On a more serious note, this hype video struck a nerve for me in more ways than expected. Racial tensions have skyrocketed in response to the wrongful murder of Ahmaud Arbery. It truly is a beautiful thing to me when sports bring together all races and creates friendships not fear.

Want more on Burreauxs historic heisman year? Look no further.

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