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Freestyle Friday - Relive Mac Miller "Spitting Game" On Sway In The Morning.

Thinking about doing this every Friday. Freestyle Fridays?

2013 was when this freestyle was recorded. That to me is a testament of how important live radio and live entertainment is to us Americans. Live radio stations have allowed for non stop entertainment for listeners throughout their day for generations. There was a time when I believed that radio was going to die. But now with the Podcast and Entertainment industries both multiplying in record sizes, live radio has remained untouched and an important tool for people to market through.

Whats the definition of content you ask? Its Mac Miller on live radio flirting with and freestyling to a random girl named Lacy. Also "Sway The Matchmaker" is the number #1 draft picks of wingmen. An iconic duo.

Thank you for the laughs, we all miss you Mac!

Want the rest of Mac being on his true player shit?

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