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Every Day Carry - My Gym Bag

Why would you care about what I bring to the gym? You don't, I just need content to blog about so here we are. Now that is all settled, the question remains. What do I bring to the gym, and what can you add to yours to help get those insane gainzzz.

To start, I wanna highlight the backbone of my everyday carry. My gym bag. Pictured below is a Wollner adventure pack. This is essentially a Brazilian version of Patagonia. Shout out to my uncle for sending this epic pack to me for my 23rd birthday. This bag is scary deep and holds way more than I expected. I also love the quality of the product. Also pictured are my keys, my gym lock, and two carabiners. Pretty self explanatory but I love my carabiners and use them for so many things throughout my day. They have become as essential to me as my keys and bag.

Up next are the items that I use throughout my workouts. In the picture on the left, I have grouped my jump rope, resistance band, and a can of tennis balls. These I use before my workouts to warm up my muscles and reflexes. The resistance band is easily my favorite out of the three and is the perfect way to save time when warming up for lifts.

In the middle picture I grouped my workout hat, wrist wraps, and grip strength trainers. I rarely use the grip strength trainers but I will play with them after some workouts to get a forearm pump. My workout hat has become a staple in my gym equipment. I usually have head phones on when I workout so my hat keeps everything in place. It also catches all of my sweat and keeps it out of my eyes. Finally, I keep the wrist wrap in my bag for certain workouts if I want to have increased strength.

In the picture on the right. We have my iPhone Tripod, water bottle, and my pre workout. I am going to do a fully blog on the supplements that I use on a weekly basis. As well as provide more on my thoughts behind the benefits of using supplementation. But for now, I sip on my preworkout during my lifts. I have found that I can sustain a more focused and energized workout if I drink my pre workout throughout, instead of peaking after 30mins and crashing at the tail end.

The real MVP of this bunch though is my iPhone Tripod. I have started to use this to film and document almost all of my workouts. I am able to create content for social media as well as have live footage of my movements. I then can go back and analyze this footage to increase my form and positioning. I do this same process while kickboxing and playing tennis.

Gotta have a brush and some deodorant in the bag as well.

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