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Editors' Choice - Dazz Camera Application

Dazz Camera Application

Adobe Creative Cloud Comparison: Lightroom

The Dazz camera is an application that is the Swiss Army knife of creative applications. Dazz camera is an all in one, point and shoot iPhone photography and film application. Dazz camera offers its customers a wide variety of photography + video preset filters. Dazz camera also allows for its customers to create Polaroid pictures and VHS style videos.

This is now my most used application. This application allows me to be able to capture photography on the go, without having to spend extra time on editing each photograph. While many photography “purists” think that this is cheating photography, this application simply isn’t for them. This application is for someone who wants to be able to capture great looking photography without having to make a whole day out of it. Also while your super talented photographer friends are out there spending thousands of dollars on professional grade camera equipment, all of the Dazz camera features come included for a one time payment price of $10.

A must download TODAY application for me

Dazz Camera Features:

  • Photography + Video application

  • “Do it all” application

    • Photography filters

    • Photography Polaroid feature

    • Video footage filters

    • VHS video feature


Pictures displayed below were taken with the Dazz Camera Application!

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