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Editors' Choice - Berry: Calorie Counter & Diet

"Abs are made in the kitchen". You all have probably heard this before, and it's scary true. Many people think that weight loss comes from the type of foods that you eat or the type of "diet" that you're on. In fact it doesn't actually matter what types of food you eat, its more about the amount of food that you eat on a daily basis. In theory you could get super lean and fit by eating pizza and french fries everyday if it fits into the equation. Obviously its way more beneficial to eat healthier foods, but not completely necessary.

The next step in forming a realistic diet and nutrition plan is learning the importance of tracking your total caloric intake on a daily basis. In short depending on your fitness and nutritional goals you will either find yourself in one of two places:

  1. Caloric Deficit - "Cutting"

  2. Caloric Surplus - "Bulking"

Every human being needs to consume a specific daily amount of calories to survive. This is called your BMR. By definition a person's BMR is "Basal Metabolic Rate or the number of calories required to keep your body functioning at rest".

This is where the Berry application comes into play and does everything for you in one (COMPLETELY FREE) user friendly application.

Berry Application Features:

- Daily food diary and macro tracker. The key to the new, healthier you. Break down everything you eat by day, meal, and macronutrients. Swipe through the days and plan future weeks by logging your meals in advance. Receive calorie intake recommendations and track your path towards your target weight. Incorporate calories burned off through exercise, so you always have the full picture of how your workouts affect your progress.

- Barcode scanner. Now it couldn’t be easier to quickly add items to your diary—just scan the barcode.

- Ketogenic diet...and many more. Keto is just one of the several diets included in Berry. Want more flexibility? Enter your own custom plan.

- Recipes. Get all the good stuff with a pantryfull of delicious recipes to explore, create, and enjoy!

- Meal groups. Eat the same items regularly? Group them together into a meal and log them in a flash.

- Finally, tracks the number of recommended glasses of water to stay hydrated throughout the day.

I highly recommend the Berry application to anyone who wants a stress free way to count calories. The Berry interface is calming to interact with and extremely user friendly to use. While I don't use the application EVERY day, it has allowed me to fully understand what I'm putting into my body and when to hold back to stay on track.

I started at roughly 205 - 210 lbs at the beginning of my fitness journey and now I float between 188 - 195 lbs 4/5 months later.

Weight loss isn't magic or luck. It's science!

- Andres Benites

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