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Editors' Choice - Canva Application

Canva Application

Adobe Creative Cloud Comparison: Adobe Illustrator

If you are someone who is not a formally trained graphic designer but is also someone who wants to create graphic content, check out the powerful Canva application. While many people have already heard of Canva before (the online platform), I think the real hidden gem is the mobile application. The Canva Application allows for "inexperienced" users to be able to create anything from social media squares, FaceBook event covers, Instagram stories, to even animated social content.

Are you someone who is an experienced designer? Are you someone who does have formal training using the Adobe Cloud? I am, and I utilize the Canva application whenever I don't have the energy to do things the old fashion way. The Canva application allows me to create, export, and upload a variety of graphic content all while being on the train to my morning classes.

Beware, the Canva application obviously won't be able to create everything exactly the way that you might have envisioned it. But it is free to download and keep at the ready whenever the moment to create may arise.

Want the full scope of what you are able to create using the Canva application?


• Instagram Story Editor, and Story highlights maker

• Create Facebook Posts & Facebook Covers

• Design Twitter banners & Youtube thumbnails

• Make cards, invitations, photo collages and even use Canva as a poster creator for any social media use


• Create a logo, book cover, blog design for any project

• For any event: birthday card maker, wedding invitation maker, online invitation creator

• Simple and free image editing app

• Photo collage maker, flyer maker, banner maker for any occasion

• Design motivational quotes and humorous memes

• Party invitation maker, school poster maker, video banner maker

• For business: brochure, resume, presentation, promo poster maker

- Canva application on the App Store

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