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Daniel Johnston For Supreme

Supreme the popular skate and fashion brand honors the late Daniel Johnston in its newest collection for Spring/Summer of 2020. Johnston was born and raised in Austin, Texas where he became a popular musician and artist who unfortunately passed away in September of 2019. Johnston's unique music and visual art was often influenced by his schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

The collection features original artwork by Johnston and showcases some of his most popular creations. His 1983 album cover "Hi How Are You" features Jeremiah the Innocent, the frog who can be found on pair of long-sleeve plaid shirts, work pants, T-shirts and beanies. Johnston's comic book "Space Ducks - An Infinite Comic Book of Musical Greatness" along with his illustration of "The Silver Sufferer" is showcased on hooded sweatshirts and T-shirts. To round out the collection Supreme has created rayon shirts and embroidered work jackets with a wide range of graphics highlighting Johnston's haunting yet exceptional perspective.

Check out the full collection below!


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