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Social Distancing

Updated: May 20, 2020

Happy Friday! My name is Sheldon and today marks my first blog for Creator Company! Special shoutout to Andres Benites as a creative genius and for giving me a platform to start blogging. We are living in some crazy times and I hope everyone is staying safe during this epidemic. As I continue to wait for the world to go back to a sense of normalcy, I’ve been reflecting on life quite a bit. It makes me appreciate some of things I take for granted. It’s bit a hard adjustment constantly being at home and going out for only essentials. Time seems to be going by slow now a days. Don't you miss the days where Corona was only an exquisite Mexican beer? I miss my friends, I miss going out, and I miss enjoying nature. I wish there were a big undo button for 2020, obviously this is not what we pictured the new year to be like. This year stresses that life is precious more than ever. I just think about all the food I’m missing out at my favorite restaurants or being in a hipster coffee shop with my go to order or getting absolutely hammered at a bar with the boys. Do not even get me started about concerts, I was supposed to see my favorite bands during this time as well. The culmination of everything has definitely taken a toll on my mental state. I always find myself looking back at memories before quarantine and wondering how we let it get to this point. Nonetheless I have been using this time to be somewhat productive by doing an apprenticeship with my mentor, being more creative with art, and continuing to build my art portfolio. I’ve also still been job searching for design even though the market is tough now a days. In my spare time video games, movies, and online shopping have been my go-to. A positive for 2020 is all the new music being released! Some of my favorite artists such as Iann Dior, The 1975, Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, and Neck Deep have released some bops. So, check out these artists when your laying bed and staring at your ceiling! Song of the month for me is linked below! Until next time stay safe and wash your HANDS.


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