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Brain Dead x Prince Tennis Collaboration

Round of Tennis anyone?

To be honest, its weird that this collaboration dropped when it did. Recently I started playing tennis at least 2-3 times a week. That in addition to that fact that I also was recently introduced to the company Brain Dead which makes this collaboration even more necessary for me to blog about. Thats why you’re here, waiting for me to find interesting fashion brand and tennis company collaborations to blog about. What else would someone do with their lives, right?

Regardless if you care or not, I actually enjoyed this cross company mashup. I mainly find the vintage feel of Brain Dead to be a perfect nod to the more prestigious Prince brand name. Brain Dead executes extremely well on the use of color and texture patterns to portray this vintage feel.

Finally, I loved how the collection also included an actual tennis racquet and a set of tennis balls. Well actually I take that back; those pieces should be at the core of the collection and the clothes should be second string, but I'm not complaining.

Be sure to drop by to see the rest of the collection.

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