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Quarantine Look Book #1 - Aimé Leon Dore

If you are unfamiliar with Aimé Leon Dore, here is how they describe themselves...

"Aimé Leon Dore is from Queens, NY. With a strong focus on simple yet powerful design, we are driven to create timeless work by portraying an aesthetic that is uniquely our own."

- About Page on Aimé Leon Dore Website

ALD is a brand that has caught my attention by providing its costumers clothing that makes you feel put together while also being more "in the know" in the fashion world. We all already know the big name designer brands that monopolize our instagram feeds. ALD is a more subtle clothing brand that shows people you know a thing or two about getting dressed in the morning. On top of that you are also extremely comfortable doing it, ALD clothing should be worn and can be worn everyday.

While scrolling through their website, you get the beauty in how easy it is to actually live in these clothes. ALD is grounded in what I call the essentials. ALD has mastered "the essentials" by incorporating "simple yet powerful design" into high quality products.

I have "put together" three outfits that stood out to me on ALD store. Hopefully you will see the range of occasions that these clothes can adapt to. Finally, once you get over how much you just spent on a hoodie and some joggers, you will start to understand that the level of quality will pay for itself for years to come. It is worth it.

Outfit #1 - All Black Everyday Essentials

Total Cost - $455.00

  • All black // essential for weekly outfits

  • Get away with not washing them for longer

  • Black is the all time most slimming color

  • Comfortable to wear inside and outside

Outfit #2 - Summertime Chicago

Total Cost - $810.00

  • Colorful yet subtle way to incorporate warm colors into your outfits

  • Green - earth tones

  • Blue - ocean tones

  • Yellow - sun/warmth tones

  • Shorts are versatile way to be achieve the ultimate goal, wear shorts as often as possible.

  • Sweater makes it nighttime friendly, I may change out of the shorts depending on the weather and wear a light jean.

Outfit #3 - Poker Sunday

Total Cost - $840.00

  • A relaxed version of what we all should be waring at bear minimum during the quarantine.

  • Extremely comfortable and unique enough for people to notice what you are wearing.

  • Bucket hat for me is not essential but is still worth mentioning.

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